10 Best Web3 Crypto Coins 2022-2023

Web 3.0 suggests using decentralized networks and blockchain technology, making it a great IT environment for crypto coin use.

This article will reveal crucial information about Web 3.0, why decentralized projects will prosper, and how it relates to crypto. You will also be represented with a list of the top Web3 digital currencies to buy in 2023.

Top 10 Web3 Crypto Coins to Buy in 2023

Considering all that was said, we have prepared a list of crypto coins that will be a good investment in perspective.

#1 Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum will be one of the leading blockchain-powered currencies in 2023, perfect for investors. At the start of its launch, the Ethereum network aimed at being a foundation for implementing blockchain technology in other projects, and its smart contracts (tested by Top Smart Contract Auditors) can be used in many financial operations. But still, it quickly took the leading position on the list of the best Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies. Microsoft, IBM, Bloomberg, and a few other significant companies showed interest in the Ethereum project. The Ethereum blockchain holds most non-fungible tokens and Web 3.0 applications, and it will not lose its position soon.

Tradable tokens of Ethereum are called Ether, and its abbreviation is ETH. The current price for this token is around 3,000 US dollars.

#2 Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Our second crypto on the list of the best Web 3.0 tokens is Ocean Protocol. This blockchain protocol opens possibilities for creating Web 3.0 applications for anyone. It uses blockchain to supply its users with fast, safe, and privacy-preserving services. These services allow converting data into tokens and managing them on the Ocean Market. This happens with the help of the unique tools given by Ocean Protocol.

You can buy OCEAN tokens for around half of the dollar and a market cap of 298.05 million dollars.

#3 Flux (FLUX)

The Flux blockchain is a decentralized network to create your Web 3.0 applications. This next-generation crypto provides the tools to develop and manage applications and services across multiple servers simultaneously. It is a native token that is GPU-mineable, and it gives access to many exciting features like Flux Nodes, FluxOS, and Zelacore.

Flux Nodes rewards users who operate with special Flux rewards. In addition, you can earn other crypto coins with it. For Linux users, FluxOS is an available platform that will run on top of their OS, and it’s used to manage Web 3.0 apps. Finally, Zelacore is a unique e-wallet that offers decentralized and centralized transactions.

At the moment, you will have to spend $1.52 to buy a Flux token.

#4 Kusama (KSM)

Kusama is an experimental blockchain platform developed to provide a framework for other developers. This crypto project is based on the Substrate – framework for multiple blockchains. The platform is closely related to Polkadot crypto as it has the same coding. For many innovative developers, Kusama’s platform becomes a preparation for blockchain testing before they can switch to Polkadot. But interestingly, many developers prefer to stay in Kusama. It has low requirements for enterprise validator nodes, which makes it even more suitable for startups.

The market value of 1 Kusama token (KSM) is currently $159.13. Therefore, the market capitalization of KSM is 1.40 billion dollars.

#5 Theta (THETA)

Theta is a network on a blockchain basis, intended for streaming videos. It works as a decentralized network to share data based on the peer-to-peer system. The Theta service aims at creating a brand-new decentralized video streaming platform that will be effective and relevant for its participants. This platform offers three main benefits for users:

  • Quality streaming service
  • Better income for content creators
  • Money savings for video platforms

Theta works with three leading crypto coins: THETA, TFUEL, and Gamma. You can buy THETA token for $0.189, TFUEL for $0.169, and Gamma for $0.39. The total market cap of Theta is a bit over 3 million dollars.

#6 Syntropy (NOIA)

Syntropy is a decentralized project elaborated to improve and make the Internet more private, fast, and secure. What Syntropy does is delete the third parties from any data encryption processes. Thus, it fulfills one of the leading Web 3.0 purposes as Web 2.0 depends on third parties.

If you want to invest in this crypto, you can buy one token for $0.16. At the same time, the overall market cap appears to be $162,210.165.

#7 Arweave (AR)

Arweave appears as one of the best Web 3.0 platforms to give access to corresponding tools when it comes to data storage. Arweave is a decentralized storage provider that allows users to store big data permanently without worrying about someone overwriting them. Anyone who will help maintain Arweave’s cloud storage will be rewarded with some tokens. In addition, the Arweave platform features a unique “blockweave” system, an upgraded version of blockchain technology. It incentivizes miners to store more data due to technical improvements.

To buy 1 Arweave token, you will need to invest a total amount of $30. Its market capitalization is equal to $1,998.861.785.

#8 Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT token provides a new digital marketing platform based on blockchain technology. With the assistance of BAT’s “brave browser,” users can watch ads and get rewarded with BAT (Basic Attention Tokens). BAT is a currency in this ecosystem, used to pay for marketing campaigns and other activities. Interestingly, users who are not even part of the BAT network can be rewarded with additional fees, including websites and Twitter accounts. Furthermore, the basic attention token is one of the most secure tokens as it’s built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The cost of 1 BAT is $0.72. The market cap at the moment is $1,092.701.711.

#9 Siacoin (SIA)

Siacoin is an actively developed peer-to-peer network platform with services of storage. It works in such a way that users from all around the globe give their HDD space to be used as cloud storage. To make agreements, Siacoin uses smart contracts technology from the blockchain of Sia. The money will be transferred to the host only after one fulfills the duties of data storage. If the responsibilities are not fulfilled, money will not be transferred. This principle makes Siacoin a secure and trustful service. Siacoin has great ambitions, like competing with the biggest storage providers, including Google, Amazon, and others. So, they are constantly improving their service to reach and outrace their opponents.

One Siacoin will cost you $0.01. The market capitalization for this token is $539,539.627 right now.

#10 Helium (HNT)

Helium is our last crypto on the list of the best Web 3.0 coins. It utilizes a decentralized network based on the blockchain made for IoT (Internet of Things). This decentralized network allows wireless devices to share data and information via nods. Those nods are represented as access points, and users who operate them are rewarded by HNT (Helium crypto token). The primary purpose of Helium is to prepare IoT for the future network by finding its flaws and remediating them. Therefore, Helium will call the most interest from wireless device owners or IoT-interested people.

One HNT’s current price is $20,53. The market cap of Helium is worth $4,578.125.048.

How Profitable Is It to Invest in Web3 Crypto Coins?

Web 3.0 is an inevitable evolution of the Internet. Due to the recent growth of crypto projects and rapid interest increase in the blockchain and decentralization concepts, cryptocurrency will only gain momentum. As a result, further development of crypto coins will grow, and their profitability will increase. To get the best results from your investments, we recommend you track their prices and situation on the market.

What Is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is one of the most significant technological shifts in the Internet era. It significantly moves humanity toward artificial intelligence and offers new ways to process information. But before understanding what Web 3.0 is, it would be handy to look at its predecessors. To better understand those terms, you should look at them as the variations of the Internet at specific periods.

Web 1.0 introduced the world’s web, which can be primitively described as a read-only web. This generation of the Internet took its time in the ’90, and there were very few people to conduct any data sharing, a small number of content creators, and many content consumers. This Internet era ended in approximately 2005.

But don’t be deceived by the periods of Internet generations. They don’t mean the change of the Internet but overlap each other. Thus, every subsequent generation of the web (including Web 3.0) has everything that was developed in the previous one.

The next generation of the web – Web 2.0 – began after 2005, and that is when the sides shifted. At this point, most users became content creators and started using social media and other recourses for creating their stuff online.

And finally, Web 3.0 (third-generation Internet) is considered the best web, which applies decentralization as its core principle. Web 3.0 is based on transferring power to casual users and removing any risks in the network. This effect is achieved by using the consensus protocol, which is sophisticatedly coded and secure. This code is not elaborated by a small group of people; everyone who wants can take part in developing it. And it can only be changed if the majority of people decide so.

Decentralized Network and Crypto Coin Relations

Web 3.0 and its decentralized storage network will bring a lot to the table for crypto users. However, the main benefit is the further development of automated transactions, machine learning, and smart contracts, which will make the life of crypto users easier.

The risk of fraud will significantly decrease, transaction fees will be at their lowest, and the entire process will take just a few seconds. In addition, users will no longer have to share their personal information while completing transactions.


So, with all of this said, you can see that there are plenty of promising Web 3.0 projects suitable for investment. They are all completely different, the same as their services offered. Some give storage space; others provide a platform for app development or a framework. But what makes them good and perspective is the principles they are working on – a blockchain and decentralization. Both aspects are widely used in Web 3.0, and relations between them are invaluable. It’s up to you what choice to make and where to invest; make sure to choose thoughtfully.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is the third generation of the internet that features decentralization principles, and blockchain technology.

Is it safe to buy coins in Web3?

Due to blockchain and smart contract technology, it is extremely hard for hackers to steal your funds. The transfer process is encrypted and fully automated.

Is it worth buying Web 3.0 crypto coins in 2023?

Yes, they are gaining momentum, and will only become more expensive in the future.

How to buy Web 3 crypto coins?

To buy a crypto coin, you will need to find a reliable broker or crypto exchanger, and get yourself a crypto wallet.

What are the best Web3 coins in 2023?

The best crypto coins in 2023 are Ethereum and Flux.